This is designed to support small and medium enterprises such as market traders with regular cash flows to boost their operations. Minimum amount is Ghc 1000

  • Competitive interest rate
  • Duration is for 60days
  • Daily Repayments
  • Quick Delivery of the loan
  • Flexible Collateral


Business loan is specifically intended for clients in business to expand their business, and increase stock. As with all loans,it will have to be repaid with added interest.

  • Competitive Interest rates
  • Flexible Collateral: Movable like Vehicle
  • Loan Duration from 1month to 3months
  • Monthly Repayment Plan


This product is to support a group in a same vicinity to expand their business and increase their stock.It is a type of loan that deals with more than 2 people. To receive such a loan, the signing of a group bond by all members and also to guarantee for each other is a necessity before loan is given.

  • Group size: 3 to 5 members
  • Duration is for 60 days
  • Daily Repayments
  • Quick Delivery of the loan
  • Possible Grace Period
  • Flexible Collateral: Group as a guarantor, pledge on fixed assets, etc.


This product is designed to support individuals who have reliable sources of income to meet their personal financial needs. We provide you with the flexibility to use the funds as per your need.


This is designed to solicit funds for customers for their business expansions and other contracts or projects that may require quick fund but high magnitudes or volumes in terms of the amount of disbursement(50,000 and above)

  • Signing of a memorandum of understanding
  • 10 percent fee charged on the amount disbursed.
  • Movable Collaterals


Our vehicle loan is tailored for companies and individuals who want to acquire motor vehicles for their use. Terms and conditions apply.